Before Your Visit

What To Expect
Facial on a client at Exhale 906 in Iron Mountain, MI

What To Wear

When you arrive, you will be given a luxurious robe, and a pair of slippers for your use while visiting the Spa. If you are experiencing a treatment for the first time, feel free to ask the receptionist how you should be dressed for the treatment. Again, we want to make sure that you are comfortable, so please let us know if you have questions.

When to Arrive

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your treatment to allow time to change clothes and enjoy any of our amenities. If this is your first visit, please note that extra time may be required to get you checked in and familiar with Exhale 906 Day Spa. In order to remain on schedule for all our clients, we may shorten your treatment time if you are late for your appointment. The normal fee for treatment will remain the same. 

Massage Room Tools at Exhale 906 in Iron Mountain MI.

You Don't Have To Entertain

In the Spa, silence can be golden and provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. If you feel like chatting, we’ll chat. But if you want to escape in silence, we wholeheartedly support you!

Quiet, Please

We want your experience to be a sanctuary for the body, the mind, and the eardrums! Please turn off the ringers on cell phones and pagers, and speak softly when in our Spa.

Hands Massaging Client at Exhale 906 Spa & Salon in Iron Mountain MI

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